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Final Draw Order Revealed

UOCT Republic Chummervision Heart

Following press conferences for the countries of semi-finals 1 & 2, the draw order for the finalists has been revealed.

After press questions, the artists from each of their respective countries drew a number from the hat that would be their running order in the final. The order for the ‘Big 4’, Aitze, Dandenia, UOCT Republic and W’ree, were already drawn 2 weeks earlier on July 31st.

The final order is as follows:

01 W’ree
02 Pviterland
03 UOCT Republic
04 Swogervia
05 Nermece
06 Boiztamin
07 Hotpokketastan
08 Chillica
09 Aitze
10 Grobania
11 Chumsferder
12 Looolna
13 Bargland
14 F.C.N. Chelsey
15 Hydrocilania
16 Landerland
17 Sveeveer
18 Wafondia
19 Dandenia
20 Malqanai

The final will take place at approximately 5pm Unican time.