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We’re open!

1 is now officially open for business!

Today, after 2 months of being under construction, has opened. It will be the home for all the latest news and discussion in the fields of TV, music, games and all other entertainment.

The website contains a forum with features that include an Arcade for playing games, a Social Centre with Blogs and Groups for members to get closer to the community, and News which all members can contribute towards, and all articles from the news section will appear on the Homepage.

The website was first started back in September by a small team of web designers. They had an idea of making a website and forum dedicated to allowing members to discuss everything in the fields of TV, specialising in reality TV shows such as Big Brother and The X Factor, and entertainment such as music, games, films, sports and technology. Together with this they also wanted members to be able to contribute news to give them a feel of life as a journalist, and for other guests to discover all the latest news.

Journalists Wanted


Hello and welcome to BlastBox – we hope you enjoy viewing all the latest news and browsing our forum while you’re here. If you would like to contribute to the news articles, all you have to do is post news when you find it, or if you are a professional journalist, then that’s even better.

To post news articles, go to the category the story you have is applicable in (using the forum articles system), and then post it. Your article won’t show up straight away, it will have to be approved by a moderator first, but once it’s approved it will show up on the home page.

Comments can also be posted on articles, or you can rate the article and share it on other social networking sites.

So if you’ve got any news to post, please feel free to whenever you like!