What is BlastBox?

BlastBox is a website dedicated to allowing users to read all the latest news from the fields of TV, music and entertainment, and all other news in general. As well as this, it provides users with a forum to browse or join in with, which gives everyone the chance to discuss their favourite TV shows as well as their favourite music, films, games, sports, gadgets, or just to discuss anything else in our wide range of boards. Some of the forum features include a Social Centre, Blogs, Groups, and an Arcade.

When did it begin?

BlastBox was founded in September 2011. The original idea was to create a website that specialised in providing users with all the latest TV & entertainment news as well as having a forum for users to engage in discussions about this news as well as things of their own accord.

The site began maintenance in September 2011 when everything was being set-up. This maintenance carried on until late November 2011 when the site was finally complete and opened up for people to join.