Forget everything you know about music

So, what IS BlastBox?

A good question, my friend, and we are so glad you asked.

On the surface, we are just a music site. But our goal is to go a little bit deeper than that.

While it might be easy for you, fellow music listener, to peruse the aisles of your local supermarket picking out all the same brands you always get — you know, the ones you’re ‘used to’ — think of us as your new shopping expert. A companion, of sorts (and we do definitely aim to be that, if you’ll have us). We’re here to provide you with lots of tip top recommendations that you’re bound to love, but from brands (alright, artists) you’ve never heard of before, or perhaps never considered.

We love to shine a light on artists that are bubbling under in the music world, dying to be heard but overlooked by many. Artists that are just as good as those topping the charts right now, but for some reason the world won’t hear them. We hear them!

So if you’ll give us a shot, go take a look around and poke your nose in our diverse basket of handpicked delights. I’m sure you’ll find something you fancy. Or your money back. (Err, will a Snickers bar do?)

What TYPES of artists, hm?

Ooh, that’s a good question. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an answer to that one, because we have a very strict yet unofficial motto here at BlastBox — anything goes. Our music taste is too broad to be squeezed into a box (teehee, get it? ok sorry I’ll leave).

If you had to pin us down, the music we like to bring to you all is the type that you can blast. Now what on earth could we possibly mean by that? Rock or something? Well we LOVE rock music here, but not necessarily. Tunes from all across the spectrum is what we’d say. Pop bangers that sound like #1s already (only 503 views on YouTube? What is this witchcraft?), EDM & dance that won’t keep your feet still, alternative rock and indie anthems that sound like Glastonbury headliners (they didn’t even get a slot this year, *sob*), ANYTHING goes! We pluck what we like from the field and you’ll just have to get used to it.

There’s something for the whole family, so at least everyone’s satisfied! (Except for Timmy. He’s still complaining about the peas.)

JUST bubbling under music, you say?

Now listen, sometimes on rare occasion, one of those ol ‘big name artists’ have come out with something SO good, we just have to talk about it. While we love to showcase the hidden gems of the music world at BlastBox, we also sometimes like to appreciate the bigger artists for releasing a song (or album) that just pleases our ears and senses to the point we have to share it with the world.

What we like here at BlastBox are good tunes. We don’t care if they come from an undiscovered artist or someone who’s reigning the charts. Of course, we’re here to be the beacon of unknown hopefuls, a treasure trove of sorts, but what can we say? Sometimes a mainstream artist comes out with something that goes against the grain and fits all the blasting criteria.

How did BlastBox come to be?

So now you reach the big, almighty question — our origin story.

Take a seat, my good chum. Let me take you back to a year called 2008. Two good friends joined hands to take on the music world together and bring to the forefront all the most delightful songs that beneath the surface had to offer. Of course, we weren’t a site then. We didn’t even have a name for it. We both enjoyed music a lot (alright, most people do, but bear with me here OK?), we perused all the various music sites the internet had to offer, and we both compiled our own music charts and hosted our own little music award shows. Aw.

Cue 2011, and the site BlastBox was born. Now here’s the funny thing — we weren’t strictly a music site to begin with. We were a very small little community who posted about all sorts of things in the media world. We even had our own forum. We used it as a platform to share our love of music, but it wasn’t dedicated to it.

Since 2012, BlastBox has evolved into the beautiful music site you see before you today. It has been a hub for us to share each other’s music taste, keep record of our various music contests and personal charts, and we have never stopped on our quest to discover all the various new and undiscovered artists out there that await the music world. And today, we are so excited to bring that to you — our brand new (and hopefully soon to be loyal!) readers and followers. You too can now bask in the weird and wonderful world that is two friends sharing their deep cuts and picks from the vast expanse of the Spotify ocean. (Or Deezer, but c’mon, who uses Deezer?)